Wednesday, April 3, 2013


A few hours in Pamplona.


  1. All these pictures are fantastic!!! It is great to see and read about everything happening over there! love kat xo

  2. Jill and read your blog and to see so many photos coming through. think of you daily.

    love and best wishes to you both and stay shaz x

  3. Hei!
    It is a great pleasure for me to read what is happening on your camino Jenny and Jill!Reminds me of our time there...i seems like if the weather is changing much, but sitting outside in the sun during lunch seems luxuary;)...
    Here in Norway the snow is also smelting very much and the sun gets more and more enrgy.
    Enjoy this camino it is such a special experience!
    Greetings from Norway,

  4. Hi J&J,
    Wow! It looks like an amazing journey so far. I can't believe how cold and wet it looked at the beginning but now the sun seems to be shining down on you.
    Your photos are great and I really wanted one of those bocadillos. I hope you both had one as they looked delicious with all that jamon hanging out of the bread. Yum.
    Keep walking!
    Robert x