Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cirauqui and Albergue Maralotx


  1. Dear Jill and Jenny - Much love from Perth - I am SO enjoying your updates - it is the first thing i check each morning with great anticipation. The photos are special and you two are even MORE special - we are with you all the way. lots of love

  2. I must agree with Luise, I am so enjoying the photographic blog, keep it coming. Though I may never experience these parts of the world as you are, I am blessed that through you sharing your experiences I feel in part I am a little closer to this part of the world. I must say their taste in tiles in very busy and particularly in the toilet, it is very busy and overwhelming. Thank goodness their interior designer did not reflect this direction in your bedrooms as it would have caused you a restless night or nights!! Keep well and keep walking. Much love Sue

  3. Hi girls, you're making sensational progress even with the rain and snow.
    Seems like the sleeping arrangements are working out very well for you as well.
    Loving the photos and updates! Stay safe, well and warm. Gemma XX