Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 23 - Valtuille de Arriba to O'Cebriero (32 kms)

Valtuille de Arriba - Villafranca del Bierzo - Pereje - Trabadelo - La portela de Valcarce - Ambasmestas - Vega de Valcarce - Ruitelan - Herrerias - La Faba - Laguna de Castilla - O'Cebriero

When we left our Casa Rural this morning, we could not have imagined what a great day was in store. Every day on The Camino we have been rewarded for our efforts - today was no exception. Here are just a few highlights:

Spring flowers starting to bloom, including a whole mountainside of magenta!

A Canadian pilgrim, Mike, who does 20 push ups (with pack) every time he stops at a town or village.

Cows, cows and more cows ... some sharing The Way with us.

Having our first ice cream of The Camino this afternoon - brought back memories for Jenny who treated herself to a Magnum ice cream on the hot afternoons en Camino in 2011.

Tackling 'the big hill', the steep 8 km climb to O'Cebriero this afternoon - we've discovered that hills are definitely our strong suit.

Planning to break the back of it, and climb the second half in the morning. Reaching the half way point, feeling fine after a short break and a cold drink - and deciding to continue on.

First daytime drink of The Camino - when Jill had a beer at La Faba, half way up the hill.

Arriving at O'Cebriero around 5pm - and so glad we decided to keep going.

A sign posted on a tree along the steep path (photo included). Ultreya - walk on.

And one more thing. We have deliberately not been tallying up our kilometres. But today just before the top of 'the hill', we saw a sign to say that we have a little over 150 kms to go until we reach Santiago. It's hard for us to believe that we have already walked around 650 kms since starting from SJPP on 1st April. We still have a way to go, so we are not taking anything for granted. But we are feeling 'on top of the world' especially after today's little climb!

Thank you to Ed, Steph and family for your comments and for raising a glass to us at the upcoming street party. And great work on the garage sale, kids! And thanks to Gemma, Sue, Judy, Audrey, Rosanne, Lindy, Nicole and Aelwyn for your comments and emails. We appreciate your support so much.

Until maƱana
Love and best wishes
Jenny xx and Jill xx


  1. Wow! Magnificent! Stunning colours from the sky to the blossoms! Love the Canadian & his push ups.
    Every day I am amazed as I read how many kms you cover & take in the beautiful scenery from your photos. Your blog paints such a vivid picture of your journey.
    Stay fit & healthy & enjoy.
    love Jeanette

  2. Hello girls!
    You're almost in the home stretch so it's about time I hit the comment button.
    What a fabulous trip you've had, great pics, lots of interesting characters and the blog to look back on it all!
    Well done, I have no doubt you'll romp home - actually it's not much further to go than Coastrek and so many extra days to do it in!
    Love to both

  3. Hi both,

    I've really enjoyed the trip with the two of you, which is the only way I'll ever do it unless you want to pull me along in a rickshaw next (?) time.

    I'm so impressed with the distances you are covering - with heavy packs no less ! If you can enumerate the vertical distances involved, I'm sure I'll be even more in awe of your achievements.

    Have really enjoyed your blogs (you write so well, Jenny (?)) and the photos.

    Keep safe and enjoy the downhill run to the finish line.


  4. Jane and David RadcliffWednesday, 24 April, 2013

    Hi Jill,

    Jane & I have been reading your blog. An activity begun out of interest and curiosity has become a compelling start to each day. And the Camino which has been on our list of interests is now demanding we search the calendar and commit to it. So, we are inspired by you. I also want to affirm you on your photography. I am greatly enjoying the photos. I think they have improved during the journey and especially from about a week ago.

    We've made several previous attempts to post a comment, but like others before us had some issues. We've got it sorted now...but please know we are avid followers of your pilgrimage.

    Best wishes for the days ahead.

    Love David & Jane