Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3 - Larrasoana to Cizur Menor (20.9 kms)

Larrasoana - Zuriain - Zabaldica - Parque - Arre - Villava - Burlada - Cruce - Pamplona - Cizur Menor

Sunshine all day today. The Camino is full of surprises.

We headed out of Larrasoana around 7.30 which seems to be our natural departure time. Again we decided to have just a caffe con leche before heading off and breakfast an hour or two into the day. I had recalled a lovely spot which I came across unexpectedly on the last Camino. It is not in a town or village as such, and was not marked in 'the book' - as is still the case - but a family has set up tables at the side of their house offering great coffee and food, cooked in a large outdoor stone oven. We were thrilled to see that it was still there and now boasts a very nice counter arrangement and a few more options on the menu. Happy to see business is going well for this family.

Tortillas potatas (Spanish omelette), bread, butter, marmalade and another coffee. Es perfect. While we were there, pilgrims we had met over the past two days arrived in twos and threes. It was good to catch up on how they were faring and their plans for the day. With Pamplona just 15 kms from Larrasoana, most were heading there either to stop for a few hours (as we did) or stay for a night or two. Others expected they might end up in Cizur Menor, 5 kilometres on.

Again today the scenery was different to the days past and the terrain was kinder. We felt so lucky to have this beautiful sunshine. Though it was still cold, less than 3 degrees at 11am, the combination of walking and the right layers made it perfect weather for us, as long as we kept moving. As happens in Spain, the temperature can climb quicklly. By the time we were sitting at an outdoor table eating bocadillos in the Plaza Del Castillo in Pamplona it was 12 degrees, and felt positively balmy. Delightful.

Along The Way today we met an American couple in their mid 60s, who looked to be in great shape. No wonder. Before starting the Camino Frances in SJPP, they had walked 900 kms from Paris. Like us, they hope to walk all the way to Santiago de Compostela. Amazing!

Some special messages today. For Phil, you will see we took photos of the Albergue Trinidadian de Arre, the one you described as 'the duck's guts', which we took to mean you loved it and would enjoy knowing we thought of you as we passed by.

For Connie, who says our matching magenta jackets 'rock', you will see that we were both wearing fhem today - we know you will approve. By the way, family and friends, the fact that we have matching jackets was accidental - promise! We ordered two colours from the States and when they arrived they were the same. What can you do?

After enjoying our sunny break in Pamplona, we walked on to Cizur Menor (the temperature climbing to 17). We are staying at a private albergue in a dorm with 11 beds, though there are only 4 of us so far. Fingers crossed it may stay at that small number. Either way, tonight may be the night we find out how well our ear plugs work. The albergue has laundry facilities as well, so we plan to take advantage.

Speaking of laundry, time to do some chores. Thank you for your comments and emails.

Muchas Gracias
Jenny and Jill. xx

PS. Will publish an extra post today with photos from Pamplona including an exhibition at the cathedral. Can you spot the two holograms? Don't show up so well in photos but they were amazing.


  1. TEAM - What a day !! TERRIFIC UPDATE and SO SO THRILLED that you have had a sunny day - those are really big and beautiful smiles!! The photos look stunning and we all send lots of love, support and encouragement as you continue along the Camino - Martin

  2. Looking good! By the way, where did you find those matching jackets? you obviously wanted to stand out - and you sure do :) Take care and have a ball.Martin is off to visit another woman today (yeah, you know - his mother!)

  3. Wow, I'm truly inspired Jill and Jenny. Makes hitting a little white ball around a 6km paddock seem very dull. I'm loving the daily blog and all the wonderful pics. Love, Jan x

  4. Guys, I have held off thus far but I am bursting to say that you are both rocking those jackets in the most magenta-amazing way. Indeed! Jen, we are all following your adventures here in the office - sure beats dreary Prudential Standards! Connie xx

  5. Hi Jen and Jill
    What fantastic pics and a great account of your adventures!
    So lovely to see all that clear blue sky.
    I hope day 4 was sunny too, and you're in for some beautiful spring weather on your journey.
    What a great time of year to be walking!