Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 13 - Hontanas to Boadilla del Camino (28.6 kms)

Hontanas - San Anton - Castrojeriz - Itero de la Vega - Boadilla del Camino

Day 13 was a perfect day, back on the Meseta. Blue skies and sunshine all day. Martin/Coach, your weather forecast was spot on. Even the magenta ninja jackets came off! A truly beautiful day.

We will post just a short update as we hope the pictures will tell the story - nothing to do with the fact that we are sitting in the sun in the garden of the albergue in Boadella del Camino, enjoying our second glass of wine - with Sheryl, Glenn and Bob. Jane and Evan, from New Mexico, are nearby.

But before we leave you with just our photos for today - there has been interest in the state of our feet. We are delighted to report that, after 13 days, who knows how many kilometres (we haven't totted up yet), and not wanting to tempt fate - we have not had a blister between us.

We are vigilant in looking after our feet, morning and night. And we have an array of natural and synthetic healing agents in our personal farmicia - from traditional Chinese herbal patches, paw paw cream and arnica to hikers wool, compeeds and 50 mg Voltarin tablets when we have to bring out the big guns for pain relief or to reduce inflammation. We have not had many problems in that area. Most days we can pass the drug test.

So as we enjoy our pre-dinner drinks at the end of Day 13, we'll sign off with a big thank you to Luise, Gemma, Jeanette, Phil and Martin for your emails and comments.

We love hearing from you. Your interest, support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Jenny xx and Jill xx

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  1. Dear Jenny and Jill Your blog was as always a very bright moment in the awful wet day we had yesterday but today is wonderful (you know Queensland where its beautiful one day, perfect the next. Sometimes we get a bit mixed up. You are obviously eating extremely well and very cheaply too and always with such interesting company. Isn't that a bit of Hadrian's Wall you are standing on? Looks like it! My grasp on Ancient History isn't very good - especially the time line. Maybe Hadrian stole the design from the Spaniards. Go on happily among such lovely friends and in such a beautiful country. Love Mum/Helen xx