Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 5 - Cirauqui to Villamayor de Monjardin (25 kms)

Cirauqui - Lorca - Villatuerta - Estella - Ayegui Irache - Villamayor de Monjardin

After a wonderful dinner and a great night's sleep, we left Cirauqui around 7.45 this morning, with just a coffee on board, to make our way to Lorca, 5.7 kms ahead, for breakfast. It was slow going through a muddy path, a recurring theme these past few days. As usual we were rewarded with great coffee and yummy bocadillos. We ate at the albergue of Jose where Jenny had stayed in 2011 which brought back lovely memories. Forgot to mention, the temperature was 1 degree when we set out from Cirauqui.

At Lorca, our American friends Glenn and Sheryl (from North Carolina, not Minnesota, as we wrote last post - that was another peregrino) arrived just as we were leaving. We are walking at similar pace and are happy to say that once again today we have downed packs at the same village and same albergue. So we look forward to dining with them again tonight.

The hospitalero of our albergue, and his lovely daughter Marta (the 10 year old interpreter) were clearly proud of their modern, bright and spotless albergue, which opened just five months ago. Will post photos separately of the albergue including our room and even one of our laundry hanging outside. At time of writing, we are the only two in a room for 6. Fingers crossed! The hospitalero kindly put our American friends in a separate dorm, which is unusual as most albergues like to fill up one room before opening another.

It will soon be time for dinner so just a few highlights of the day.

Two men from Barcelona - on the way to Estella, we walked for some time with a father and son from Barcelona. They had the same name - Andes Pena (picture included). They were delightful and had both visited Australia, the son had been there twice. They certainly know how to travel. Andes junior had visited on his honeymoon and spent 4 days at Lizard Island and also time at Longitude 131 resort in Uluru, as well as Bondi and the Great Ocean Road. He loved Sydney and 'its orientation to the sea'. He said that, other than his home of Barcelona, Sydney would be the place he would choose to live. He told us that when the Olympics were held in Barcelona, their city too had become oriented to the sea.

Message to Martin - we told them we were excited to be visiting Barcelona after our Camino. Andes Jnr immediately offered his email address and said he would like to meet us for a coffee or a drink and help us in any way when we visit Barcelona. Marty, he used to work for Morgan Stanley and now for Credit-Suisee so, who knows you may know someone in common.

Another highlight was our perfect timing with the weather. Though it was a cold day, the sun continued to find its way through the clouds as the morning wore on. However, by lunchtime, as we walked into Estella it became a little more gloomy. In the half hour we were having lunch, the temperature dropped and there was a brief snow shower! We were a little taken aback but, being brave peregrinos, we were not deterred from our plan to walk on. By the time we had our packs back on, the temperature had risen again and there was not a cloud in the sky!

On the way out of Estella, we stopped at the famous Bodegas Irache wine fountain, Fuentes del Vino, where pilgrims can fortify themselves for the journey ahead - with either agua or vino tinto (red wine) - at the generosity of the Bodegas (vineyard winery). We enjoyed just two sips each, which seemed to put a spring in our step for the final 10 kms for the day. Blue skies shone on us for the remainder of today's journey along The Way.

Time to check that our laundry is dry, then dinner.  Thank you to Luise, Kat, Sue, Rosanne and Martin for your comments and emails.

Hasta Luego
Jenny and Jill xx
P.S. Heading out for dinner, 50 metres away to only bar in the village. Light snow falling!


  1. This is so nice!I would love to join you!!!
    The weather seems quite changing...this was different on out journey in autmn (until Santiago i mean - i will never forget our rainy journey to the end of the wordl;))

  2. Dear J's
    It really is too good to wake each morning to another wonderful post from your pilgrimage! Spain is such a beautiful country - and your photos capture those lovely old stone buildings so beautifully. Thanks for allowing us all to enjoy your journey! I'm so glad it's a long one :-). Love Julie

  3. As if the food photos from the delis of Pamplona weren't filling us all with envy - now there is free vino tinto - take it easy on that stuff pilgrims.

  4. Ah girls-my fav dining experience-the cavern looks just as inviting as it did for me in Sept. last girls are certainly experiencing the extremes of weather....loving your blogs,
    Love to you both,
    Phil xx