Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 29 - A Rua to Santiago de Compostela (22 kms)

A Rua - O Pedrouzo - Amenal - San Payo - Lavacolla - Vilamaior - Monte Gozo - San Marcos -San Lazaro - Santiago de Compostela

Estamos aqui. We are here.

Today we walked our final 22 kms in to Santiago de Compostela in brilliant sunshine, arriving in front of the Cathedral just a few minutes after the bells tolled 2 o'clock.

As promised Martin was there to meet us. It was a wonderful welcome, as you will see from the photos. Hugs and kisses all around, followed by a celebratory drink in the sun, then straight to the pilgrims' office to present our credenciales and receive our Compostelas.

And this all before we checked into our lovely hotel, just around the corner from the Cathedral. My room even has a view of same. Thank you for the recommendation Phil, it's perfect.

Already we have seen some of the friends we met along The Way and we are sure to see more tomorrow when we attend the pilgrims' mass at 12 noon. But more on that tomorrow. It's been a big day so enough words tonight. We will leave you with images from today, until our final post mañana.

With thanks to Julie, Pam, Kev and Elaine, Audrey, Rosanne, Cathy, Sharon, Jennifer and Phil, Judy, Jane and David for your kind emails and comments. And, of course, Martin.

Mucha amor
Jenny xx and Jill xx
Santiago de Compostela.


  1. And to think I was worried about how the girls were going to find you, Martin. Jenny and Jill, what a great adventure you have had - and how good was the end ! Now enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. Brilliant! I think Martin is also a star.

  3. Congratulations both of you, and well done to the Coach. To have Marty there at the 'finish line' must have been fantastic.
    Enjoy the days ahead and the chance to reflect on this great journey. What an achievement.
    Thanks for the journey via this blog, which was crafted every day with such detail and thought.
    Relax and enjoy the rest of your travels.
    Jan x

  4. Wow! Congratulations Jenny and Jill. What a great journey you've had. It's been wonderful to follow your stories and your beautiful photos.

  5. You certainly deserve congratulations!
    What a fabulous & truly memorable journey.
    Well done Martin for your efforts at the finish - you are the best team motivator.
    Time to celebrate!
    love & best wishes Jeanette

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Belle

  7. Wonderful effort 'gals' and very proud of you both.
    Lots of Love

  8. What a stellar achievement Jenny and Jill. I've never known time to go so quickly. That's because someone else was doing the walking - and not a complaint from start to finish. No wonder the Camino was kind to you, you took to it with a wonderful spirit. Well done too to you Martin - what a great backup and what a welcome. Are you walking Camino 2014? No doubt the next few days will not include too much walking.Food over here is already taking on a
    spanish flavour and the world and his wife seem to have been watching Martin Sheen. all been with you step by step and thankyou so much for including us. God bless, and safe home Talk to you soon Lots of love Mum/Helen

  9. Congratulations ladies.
    It really is an amazing achievement.
    Bill and Lilly

    1. OMG, that welcome from Martin was fantastic! Brought a tear to my eye!!! Really loved the photos, they truly captured the moment!
      Congratulations Jenny & Jill, what a huge achievement.
      Now go and do some serious relaxing.....
      Lots of love,

  10. Hi Jenny and Jill

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful adventure. I loved to get an update everyday and read about your adventures on the way. What a fantastic Camino!
    I am dreaming from my Camino. Starting 10.06.2013.

    Best Wishes

  11. How fantastic, I do remember seeing the botafumeiro in the movie.
    I wonder what it will be like waking up and not having to walk 20 kms before breakfast!!!!! Probably a relief but less of an adventure. Maybe you can invent a pilgrimage in Australia and keep going??
    Looking over the pictures, I do notice that quite a few involved raised glasses containing Spanish beverages... I look forward to sharing one or two to toast your great achievements. It has taken me a month to work out that I can't send blog messages from my ipad... only my laptop. I am a slow learner! Anyway, I did enjoy the daily updates .
    Enjoy a sleep in. You have earned it. Love to you all x 3.