Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2 - Roncesvalles to Larrasoana (27 kms)

Our second day on The Camino was one of twists and turns, with constant changes in terrain and temperature. We had everything today including sunshine for our final five kilometres into Larrasoana - the last thing we were expecting when we left Roncesvalles at 7.30 just before sunrise in light rain with grey clouds looming.

We were up early, very early, a touch of jet lag still with us both. We left our wonderful Hotel Roncesvalles and were at the door of of Casa Sabina just a few steps away by 7am, the first customers of the day. We'd decided to walk for an hour or two before having breakfast (turned out to be three hours) but an early morning coffee is mandatory before heading off. The coffees have not disappointed so far, and as Crows Nest gals, we have high standards.

The first hour was through what we think were beech trees with snow still on the ground. We walked with Irish Kevin whom we had met the day before along with his friends Dierdre and Sinead. As we found out later the girls had a leisurely start today at 10.30. We walked with Kevin to the next village Burguete and then he went ahead. Still, as often happens on The Camino, we five have found ourselves together again tonight here in Larrasoana at Casa El Camino, where we are the only 5 guests.

There were a few long climbs today and one very steep descent made more precarious by the combination of sheer wet rock and mud. Despite a few close calls, we ended the day in good shape though the same can't be said for our shoes, gaiters and trousers. Our gaiters and trousers accompanied each of us to our shower tonight, one way to get things clean (or at least mud free) when there are no laundry facilities. The shoes are another story!

For those of you who are mapping our progress on Google Earth (you know who you are - Allan) will try to remember to let you know the towns and villages along The Way each day.
Day 1 - St Jean Pied de Port - Puente - Arneguy - Valcarlos - Roncesvalles
Day 2 - Roncesvalles - Burguete - Espinal - Viskarret - Zubiri - Larrasoana

Also thank you to Martin, Gemma, Marian, Julie and Libby for your comments and emails. It's great to hear from you. We appreciate your encouragement!

Photos tonight include two from the village of Burguete thought to be by a famous Spanish graffiti artist.

Jenny and Jill xx


  1. Loving the update and photos Jenny!
    Yvonne =)

    1. Interesting 2 days. Glad you did not come a cropper down the slippery rocks. You may need to name your boots! The photos are great and am enjoying the people you are meeting along The Way. Keep sharing the stories. Take care, Sue