Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 25 - Triacastela to Barbadelos (23 kms)

Triacastela - Furela - Pintin - Calvor - San Mamed del Camino - Sarria - Vilei - Barbadelo

It seems so repetitive to say that again we had a perfect day en Camino. But so it was. You'll just have to take our word for it, and hopefully the photos will give you the idea.

We planned another short day as our aim was to stop at Casa Carmen, just outside the small village of Barbadelo. Casa Carmen was a highlight of my Camino in 2011 and one of the two resting places I wanted to be sure we did not miss - the other being the home of Acacia y Orietta in Viloria de la Rioja, where we stayed back at Day 9.

Knowing what was awaiting us at Casa Carmen, my main hope was that the sunny weather would hold so we could enjoy this wonderful place at its best. We were not disappointed - our good fortune continues. The weather by late morning was brilliant blue skies with just the odd cloud for contrast, temperature in low 20s and a gentle breeze. And Casa Carmen was as delightful, beautiful and peaceful as I had recalled even down to the three family dogs including a very old and very large golden labrador that was photographed 'resting' last time, and again today.

We have had the most perfect afternoon. To arrive here we walked through mostly country lanes, with 'a little up, and a little down', passing through small villages, and just one larger town - Sarria. As we expected to arrive by early afternoon, we visited the supermercardo in Sarria to pick up some supplies to enjoy a late lunch in the garden of the Casa. After settling in to the Casa's albergue, showering and the daily laundry, we were soon at a stone table in the garden enjoying our picnic with a glass of vino in hand to toast Day 25. As Coach would say, we are livin' the dream!

It will soon be time for dinner in the Casa, so time to sign off. Many thanks for your comments and emails to Ainsley, Luise, Martin, David, Tony, Cathy, Rosanne, Lindy and Jan. Great to hear from you and we are thrilled you are 'travelling with us'.

By mid-morning tomorrow, we will be just 100 kilometres from Santiago. We wonder and look forward to what lies ahead for us on The Way.

Until then, we will raise a glass to our family and friends tonight, with extra special thoughts for Ainsley and Jill's Dad on Anzac Day.

Best wishes
Jenny xx and Jill xx
Casa Carmen, Barbadelo, Galicia, Espana


  1. LOVE all these photos! Amazing weather and not long to go :) Love you both!

  2. Dearest Gals......this blog and photos are the best! Not sure who does what re photos and blog, but wonderful daily reading. Can't believe the experiences that you have encountered......soooo close now to the end, but what a great achievement with so many memories. I'm sure there will be many who will line up for the Camino......for me it will be The Way.
    Great weather here on the Gold Coast and looking forward to the Norfolk Is hol.
    Take care over the remaining distance and thoroughly enjoy it to the end.
    Lots of love