Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 4 - Cizur Menor to Cirauqui (26.8)

Cizur Menor - Zariquiegui - Alto del Perdon - Urtega - Muruzabal - Obanos - Puente la Reina - Maneru - Cirauqui

What a day! We walked out of Cizur Menor at 6.45 this morning and arrived at our destination at 4.30 this afternoon. A long day but one full of adventure and surprises.

Last things first, especially for Phil, we are delighted to tell you that tonight we are staying at Albergue Maralotx in Cirauqui. You told us that it was your favourite albergue of your Camino - scoring 11 out of 10 - so despite the challenges of today, we walked on to experience your recommendation for ourselves. You will not be surprised to read that we are thrilled to be here.

As I write this post we are enjoying a vino in the bar and looking forward to dinner at the albergue. We'll be joined by a gorgeous American couple, Glenn and Sheryl, from Minnesota. We shared the dorm room (and dinner) with them last night and let them know we were walking on, past the popular stopping point of Puenta la Reina to Ciriquoi. We were delighted when they arrived half an hour after us.

As well as the dormitory rooms, the albergue had two doubles, each with ensuite. We took them both so we each have our own double room tonight. Woo hoo! We will publish a separate post with photos of the albergue and our gorgeous rooms.

... Back after a wonderful dinner to find that we can't get Internet access tonight, so I will cut short today's post and publish when I am able to - apologies if it is late getting to you. So much happened today amid the rain and mud, but will let the pictures tell the story - of just the first few hours up to Alto del Perdon.

Thank you to Sharon, Kat, Connie, Marian, Jan, Warwick, Cathy, Sue, Yvonne, Julie, Robert, Martin and NINA (Jenny's wonderful Camino friend from 2011) for your comments and emails.

And a special message for Ainsley. We were thrilled to hear from Martin that you are tracking our Camino by each village and town in the big Atlas. Can't wait to see it when we get back. Thank you.

Til next time
Hasta Luego, amigos
Jenny and Jill xx


  1. Looks like you are meeting some great people along the way! Also looks like there is a little bit of rain falling! : ) love the updats and the pics! love kat xo

  2. Fantastic news Jen and Jill-have enjoyed your blogs thus far-great that you have stayed at my fav Albugue-look forward to seeing the photos-I hope the food and wine lived up to my wraps-glad to see Jill is getting value out of my poncho.....I will pray that you begin to get some fine both look to be in great shape and handling the walk,
    Stay strong,
    Phil xx

  3. dear Jenny and Jill Hope I've cracked it this time. Cyberspace must be full of my failed attempts. What a wonderful start you've made and I love all those pictures. All the nicest people seem to do the camino. Accommodation looks great - food even better. How on earth do you clean your shoes? Makes us feel we are there with you. I've looked up recipe for Spanish omlette and am distributing it around the family. Julia is thrilled as Chris. has recently become a vegetarian. Take care, lots of love Mum/Helen