Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 7 - Viana to Ventosa (29.7 kms)

Viana - Logrono - Pantano - Navarette - Ventosa

After the extraordinary events of Day 6, today was as relaxing and delightful as it was uneventful.

The weather was kind, exactly as you predicted Coach (Martin). Packed and ready by 7.30, after a restful night in our hotel room, we had a quick caffe con leche before heading off at 7.45. Though the sun had barely risen, we could already see that the sky was clear. It stayed that way all day, from 4 degrees when we left Viana to a 'high' of 13. But we are used to the weather, and when you're walking (con backpack) you warm up in no time.

It has become our preferred routine to walk for an hour or two before stopping for breakfast and today it could not have worked out more perfectly. We arrived in the lovely town of Logrono shortly before 10 and enjoyed our tortilla potatas and caffe con leche at an outdoor table sitting in the sun. We checked the temperature - just 6 degrees - but sitting in the sunshine felt that much warmer, and we were not going to miss the opportunity.

As we left Logrono, we met up with Peeter (a German pilgrim) and Terry (from Avalon in Sydney). We strolled along with them for a while through the parklands on the outskirts of Logrono. It was a new experience seeing the local people out with family and friends enjoying the sunshine on a crisp, clear Sunday morning. Eventually the path led us through a dryer, browner landscape than we had become accustomed to, with more and more vineyards as the day went on, sometimes alongside olive groves.

We ended today at the small village of Ventosa, staying at the delightful private albergue, San Saturnino. We noted our friend Phil's recommendation of 9/10 so the accommodation decision was an easy one! Just as easy was the decision to take the twin room (photos included) rather than the dorm. Are you sensing a pattern here? At privately run albergues (compared to municipal albergues) there are sometimes individual or twin rooms as well as the dormitories. At San Saturnino, the one twin room with private bathroom is 35 euros compared to 19 euros which we would pay for two beds in the dorm. The comfort and privacy - and a good night's sleep - is certainly worth an extra 8 euros each!

Its around 6pm on Sunday night and we are sitting in the one bar in the village, and we appear to be the only peregrinos among the locals. It has become our routine and it sits well with us. Most days we arrive at our destination around 4 and find our accommodation. Once settled, we shower and do a little laundry, and any other admin. By late afternoon / early evening we find the local establishment (there is always one - but often only one) to enjoy a glass (or two) of vino tinto or blanco. We sit happily in the bar catching up on emails, looking at the day's photos, writing the blog and consulting our book to see what tomorrow might bring. Inevitably, a football match or other sporting event, is playing on a decent sized screen. The other night it was Real Madrid v Galatasary (Turkish team), with great excitement when the 'home team' scored.

There has been some interest in the state of our feet - and we appreciate you thinking of us. We are delighted to be able to say - so far, so good! We are vigilant in preparing our feet each morning (e.g. with paw paw cream or compeeds or both, as needed), taking our shoes off at lunchtime, and re-examining our feet each night. So far - no blisters. We are otherwise feeling great, despite the few aches and pains to be expected after a daily 25-30 km walk. Fingers crossed our good fortune will continue.

Finally, thank you to Lakiesha, Sharon, Phil, Aelwyn and Helen for your lovely emails and comments - your encouragement is wonderful. And special mention and thanks to Martin, the weather guru. We love receiving your weather forecasts - your prediction today again was spot on! We have enjoyed every day so far - and each day has been so different from the day before - but there is something special about sunshine on a cold day.

Time to sign off. Where to have dinner? There's only one restaurant in the village - so yet another easy decision. No wonder The Camino is so stress free!

Love from us

Jenny and Jill xx


  1. Another great day - another great blog!
    You make the walking sound so easy!

  2. You girls are amazing! I am loving your updates & photos. Following you in spirit & in awe of how far you walk every day - regardless of conditions.

  3. Hi girls,

    Absolutely loving this blog each morning with my breakfast! Jenny, your writing is lovely, you really manage to capture the mood each day. The photos are beautiful as well.
    How wonderful that you're finding lovely private accommodation as well, such a bonus!
    Stay, safe, warm & well.
    Gemma XXX

  4. Hi Jenny and Jill,

    Am really enjoying my armchair ride and look forward to each morning's instalment, thank you both.

    Go you good things !

  5. Team - so glad the weather worked out - love the photo of breakfast in the sun !! Those are big smiles indeed !!!
    You deserved those rays of sunshine.... IT'S ALL GO !!!!!
    much love from Perth,

  6. I am so stupid Gals......I have been soooo waiting for recognition from, either or both of you for my daily comments back to you....but alas, nothing. After a week I thought it time to check the process of sending comments, and yes, I was not following correct procedures.....I hope therefore, that this will get to you.....otherwise, back to square 1.
    What a wonderful and colourful adventure so far.....I have been frothing at the mouth (more than usual) each morning awaiting your blog. I have just loved the photos, particularly in the make delightful "snow bunnies". You've certainly had a taste of the elements....rain, snow, cold, sun, mud.....but the scenery villages and buildings make it all worthwhile.....I am so envious. Pleased to see that you've done the 6 star accommodation....better sleep, could try an extra glass of vino.
    Well, best leave it here, in case this is also unsuccessful.
    Lotsaluv to you both.....David

  7. Hello and cheers To you Jill and your fellow pilgrim Jenny,
    I have been following your amazing journey through all those sweet little villages ant beautiful scenery with much delight and admiration. You have had all kinds of weather thrown at you and have bravely soldiered on.I hope you have a lot more of that beautiful sunshine.What an amazing and experience.
    God bless, Lots of love Lindy and John xx

  8. OK, I am trying this once more, and this time following Martin's instructions. Bear with me..............

    Consider this a trial x

  9. Hi Jill and Jenny, John and I are enjoying your amazing Journey and the wonderful Blog with stunning photos along the way.How delicious all that produce looked.You should have stocked up on lots more of those yummy chocolates!!We are hugely in awe of your stamina and endurance. Go Girls !!
    The service at the Cathedral of Santiago De Compostela will be out of this world.What a prize !! L&J xx