Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 9 - Ciruena to Viloria de la Rioja (20.5 kms)

Ciruena - Santa Domingo de Calzada - Granon - Redecilla del Camino - Castildelgado - Viloria de la Rioja

We started the day full of energy. After dinner with Glenn and Sheryl last night, we were back in our cosy room in Casa Victoria and tucked up in bed well before 10. We didn't wake until 7 - our biggest sleep by far. We were both tired after battling the wind yesterday, so a long restful sleep came at just the right time.

After coffee and toast at our hosts' kitchen table, we headed off just after 8.30. We took our time today, knowing we would be covering a shorter distance than usual. Strong winds again (as per your forecast, Coach) would have held us back if we'd planned a longer day, so it worked out well.

The scenery was as beautiful as the day before, and the day before that. Green rolling hills on either side of The Way made for a delightful walk, despite the wind - we hope the photos give you an idea.

We enjoyed our 'second breakfast' in Santa Domingo de Calzada, and had a wander found this beautiful 11th century town before rejoining The Way. The window shopping was wonderful - have included some photos including an enticing chocolate shop. So enticing that we purchased the Peregrinas, which we were assured was good for pilgrims. In one of the photos, you can see the shopkeeper with our selection. It was crisp and salty, covered in dark chocolate - we are pretty sure it was potato chips dipped in chocolate. Yum. Best walk a few extra kilometres tomorrow.

We're now sitting at the dining table in the Refugio Acacia y Orietta, and we will dine here tonight with our hosts and 6 pilgrims from Barcelona. Could be a night for the ear plugs. We are not sure where we will try to get to tomorrow. The Way is tricky sometimes ... one town may be not quite far enough for our day's walk (Villafranca), but the next town too far (St Juan de Ortega). We will see. But, hopefully, we will sleep well to set us up for the day.

Before we sign off - Thank you to David, Jeanette, Sue, Kat, Connie, Bill and Lilly and, of course, Coach/Martin for your weather forecast - spot on again! Special mention to Bill and Lilly - your comment on the blog came through perfectly!

Hasta Luega familia y amigos
Jenny xx and Jill xx


  1. You two deserve to hog out on the local produce including the chocolates after all the Kjs you are burning. I hope you purchased a little extra chocolates for today's walk. Now have you named your boots yet? They look like they have personalities and they are very important to you - just as important as your packs!! Hope you get a tail wind for your next part of the walk. BTW Graham is following the blog too!! Take care and thanks for sharing. Much love Sue

  2. Hi Team - Gee the food shops in that village of Placido Domingo look astonishing !! A huge well done on a terrific effort to "lean" into that very very strong wind yesterday and best wishes for more leaning today. After snow, rain and mud last week - a "gentle" breeze was always going to be just around the corner. Just loving the commentary and photos and we all send you mucho love, support and encouragement as you head out on DAY 10 !!!! Coach/Martin

  3. dear J and J what a marvellous array of food - looks like Harrods food hall. That bag the man is filling for your chocs looks suspiciously large. Still as your friend Sue said you are covering so many Kgs you deserve them all. We are just envious. Very impressed with those spotless joggers. Are they the same muddy ones we saw the other day? Loving the log and those great pics. God speed. Love Mum/Helen xx

  4. Derek and VictoriaWednesday, 10 April, 2013

    Jill and Jenny - Victoria and I are following your wonderful journey with admiration and encouragement. It's like watching the lunar landing in slo-mo, but with incredible colour photographs courtesy of the blog that make it feel like we're there with you. We sit and stare at the Pyrenees from the other side and you're now a long way beyond them, but each time we look we think of your trip. Keep the posts coming and I'll contact the ABC and get your Weather Man a new gig! Love and best wishes, D&V. XX

  5. Hi Gals......it was a devastating two days without the Camino "hit"....so pleased to be back in touch. Many on the Gold coast are enjoying your walk and loving the photos.
    As for the Barcelona "boys", I would certainly pick up the pace so as not to have to share accommodation with them....they look like good snorers!
    Take care and power on.
    Lotsaluv DA